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It’s Vital To Be Connected

I learned all that I could about computers and the fast rising internet while in high school. After graduating in 1998 I continued to pursue a career/love of computers.

I began with a website on, which lead to my first domain ( This in turn led me into video editing, family home videos, and a smaller domain ( I stand here now managing 40 YouTube accounts (seven of my own), nine domains, and two websites. I also am on Tumblr, Google +, Facebook, have a Facebook Fan Page, and two Twitter accounts.

What have I learned over the years? One thing is that technology goes fast, and things are always evolving. Even the way we manage websites is changing.

My mission was to reach every small company, business and YouTuber on the web – and social media is a great place to begin. I have opened hundreds of YouTube Accounts, started many on Facebook, and even turned my parents on to this whole thing. When Twitter came out I was not sure it was going to fly, but I gave it a chance and – well here we are. About four months ago my dad finally started using his account.

I have learned that no matter if you own your own company, participate in social media for personal use, use it for YouTube video promotions, or are a retired person, we all need to engage in the world of social media.

Television commercials, which in the 90’s filled their airtime with .com sites, are now saying “Find us on Facebook.” Most places now don’t even start a second or third domain, they just create a Facebook page.

I have learned that it is vital to be connected in many ways – to the big 3 or 3.5 most YouTubers; have a Facebook fan page; have an account page; and have an active account on Twitter and  Google +. I did ask myself “Is MySpace dead?” My answer, “No,” there is still a small audience out there on MySpace, and although I don’t log into it that often, I have my Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts all posting to it automatically in order to reach the last hangers-on out there on that service.

We need to engage our audience and keep them informed of our videos coming out, contests, and what we are doing. Connecting them all is a great way of getting information from one network to another.

If we want to reach the next generation (and take care of our aging parents who will use the web), we will have to embrace this world of social media. I have found that it will be the way to go.

- Matthew Dykstra


Thanks to Matthew Dykstra, who recently shared his story in our upcoming Lessons From Social Media book. To share your best self-esteem story, lesson or tip for Lessons From Social Media click here.


Matthew Dykstra is a YouTuber and an Internet-lover at heart. He loves to spend his time filming and making videos, runs his own website, and owns countless domains. You can find Matthew at




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  1. Gary Fineske says:

    I liked what was written and said because it made sense to me. Most of the things I run across at my age seem senseless and just social hour, bar time conversation. I’m really not into most of that. Still want to learn and progresss and do something worthwhile. This seems like something for me and others.

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