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How do you Choose to use Twitter?

| February 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Twitter, of course, is a type of Social Networking site where you can let people know what you’re up to at any given time. You can quickly and easily tell people what you’re thinking, feeling and doing! Everyone uses Twitter in a different way, for different things. How do you Twitter?

Being away from home visiting my brother in Iowa right now, I decided to Twitter and let my local friends know that I’m in town. After seeing my Twitter message, several local friends contacted me, and we arranged a get-together. I came up with a top five uses of Twitter to share with you.

  • Putting together a “Tweet-up” or get-together. This will allow you to meet people that you have a lot in common with. This will let you broaden your horizons, and you’ll meet people you never would have otherwise.
  • Crowd-sourcing questions and answers. I’ve thought about developing a service around this at some point. This is also known as the “lazy web”. You can use Twitter to quickly get answers when you don’t have time to do a lot of research.
  • Airing grievances. When I’m on Twitter and I feel frustrated with a product or service, I’ll throw it out there. You never know who is going to see your Tweet. You may just accomplish something with a company.
  • Explore new people. You come in contact with people you would have otherwise never met. You will open your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking.
  • Alleviating boredom There is always something new and entertaining on Twitter to read, and links to click. You can discover websites and things you may not have ever thought of before!

If you’re not on Twitter… what are you waiting for?


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